Hollywood Unoriginality Ratio: Iron Man

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Be forewarned: this is not a review of Iron Man, the latest comic-book-turned-blockbuster-film Bevin and I went to see last Sunday at Regal Davis Stadium 5...



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    My school has blocked your blog for pornography.

    Is there something you haven't been telling us?
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    Well I guess Iron Man did have the scene with stewardesses dancing around a stripper pole, but I'm pretty sure I didn't mention that in this entry.
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    I saw Iron Man on Sunday myself. Good movie. But then it's the first one made directly by Marvel. It speaks well for Marvel's ability to make movies based on their own properties, so I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt on future movies. Yes, that even goes for the Hulk.

    Speaking of that, I had a little different list of trailers when I saw it. Dark Knight and Indiana were still there naturally, but we had Hulk (Marvel movie #2), and Speed Racer in there.

    RIP Originality.
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    Sure, I liked Iron Man, but has nobody gone to see Speed Racer? Those Wachowski boys managed to make it ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY AWESOME.
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    pfff... aquaman? just wait till they make a daredevil movie. oh wait...

    You know, I would say when are they going to make some of the comics i liked back in the day into movies, but after they managed to slaughter ghost rider and spawn, I don't want to know what they'd do to savage dragon.
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    Updated with You Don't Mess With The Zohan. Kinda wish I hadn't asked, since that movie is hardly even worth discussing.
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    At the bottom, it says 40% original, shouldn't it say 60?
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    No, because it's an unoriginality ratio.
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