Hollywood Unoriginality Ratio: The Happening

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I won’t even do the precocious beat-around-the-bush-not-a-review-but-it-actually-is-a-review thing this time. I saw The Happening on June 14th with friends at AMC Saratoga 14, and it sucked.



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    It took you 11 days to post movie trailer originality reviews?
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    I didn't have Internet at home all of last week. And then I forgot one of the movies in the list, due to the aforementioned lengthy passage of time.
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    I disagree with a portion of this post - i still say lady in the water was worse.
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    It's a tough call. Lady in the Water had movie critic-killing and Shyamalan as a Christ figure, but The Happening was just, well, nothing at all. It wasn't ambitious, there was no life lesson, the characters didn't develop or come to any meaningful revelations or change in any way... at least Lady in the Water was ridiculously over the top. Running away from scrunts and tarturtiks is better than running away from the wind.

    In its favor, The Happening had some spectacularly convoluted suicides.
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