More stuff Mario and I made! Christmas caroling with picture-in-picture!

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So here's the first of a series of short Christmas Webcomic Webcarols that Mario and I are putting together.

If only this thing had a HTML editor so I could just embed the video and you wouldn't have to click the link... :)

EDIT BY MARIO: Vimeo plugin added!



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    Allowing HTML in vBulletin is just asking for spambots to do crazy code-injection. Followed closely by SkyNet.
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    And we (read: me) are very anti SkyNet.

    It would put a real dampener on the chances for zombie apocalypse.
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    That said, I'll try to find a safe Vimeo plugin to install.

    Also, yay Internet caroling!
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    Double post of: we've got a Vimeo plugin now! Here are the other carols uploaded thus far:


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    Woo thanks!!!!!!!
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    Yay! All these carols have introduced me to some fun webcomics. ^__^
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