Thoughts on Furious 7

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Furious 7 — and the entire (The) Fast and (the) Furious franchise — doesn’t seemingly merit the praise I laud upon it. As an action series, there’s an expectation for it to hit specific beats and move on. And it certainly does that with aplomb; fast driving here, explosions there, punches aplenty, attractive women looking attractive… But at the same time, this series packs more heart into it, more appreciation for its characters and their diverse personalities and quirks, more respect for the audience than we would ever expect of normally-mindless action flicks.



  • I misread "Mr. Nobody" as "Mr. Noobity".

    Haven't seen this one yet, though my "Fast & Furious" checklist has significant gaps. I think I've seen the first one, parts of the second, and the one that came out last year.
  • For straight-up quality, "Fast Five" and "Fast & Furious 6" are hard to beat. Tokyo Drift has a special place in my heart since it introduced Han, A Character So Important They Made Three Prequels So They Could Have More Han Movies.
  • I too am disappointed that I was not a random driver in the fast and furious series, hlavco. One day. ONE DAY. *Noobity looks wistfully (or is it knowingly?) at the stars* THANKS FILEAU
  • I blame the government.
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