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As someone who hasn't been active in a while, and was never exactly a senior member of this community to begin with, I don't think I really have the personal authority to make one myself, but I desire to see the resurrection of The Orange Belt in the form of a server on a contemporary community/social app.

Mario, anyone with an inkling of self-assurance, bring us back together please.


  • I would join dat.
  • I'd have to figure this discord thingamajig the newfangled kids are all talking about! Is this what the kiddies are on now after their moms and grandmas started following them on facebook?
  • But really it's a good idea.
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    I'd join. Though if we're just talking about migrating to a social app in general, I've had great success with other communities in Slack. Open to other's thoughts.
  • Who's makin' it? I've not made one before and I wouldn't be excited to personally manage the server, but if ya'll don't want to either I will!
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    Created (DM wavebirddash for the invite link)! No guarantees I'll be logged in all the time. Let's see how this goes
  • Update: Discord is wonderful, I apologize for floating the idea of Slack because Discord was and is clearly the superior choice.

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